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Webinar Recording: Managing Concussion and Postconcussional Syndrome in an OEM Environment

Delayed recovery from mild head injuries in the workplace is a growing problem, possibly due to increased awareness of residual features. The most common reasons for workplace concussions are falls, motor vehicle accidents, materials hitting the head, and workplace violence.  Workplace concussions and postconcussional syndrome are associated with delayed return to work due to (1) persisting CNS changes that can be experienced with head trauma; (2) negative affect (anger, anxiety, depressed mood, traumatic reactions) resulting in secondary emotional problems; and (3) psychosomatic and/or secondary gain factors. The Occupational Medicine Physician (OMP) is often the gatekeeper for medical management of workplace concussions.  Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) can be considered when recovery is delayed beyond the acute stage. This presentation will prepare the OMP to develop a medical management plan starting with guidelines for making a referral for neurocognitive and symptom validity screening assessment by a psychologist, and then develop an appropriate treatment plan or transfer of care based on the assessment findings.  This webinar is an encore presentation from AOHC 2021. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, learners will be able to:

  • Identify a concussion versus a post-concussion syndrome and be familiar with the growing incidence of post-concussion syndrome. 
  • Discuss strategies and screening tools to intervene early in a risk of delayed recovery and how a neurocognitive screening with validity indicators can be used to manage delayed recovery.  
  • Describe the possible outcomes of the assessment and the OMP role in the ongoing medical management or transfer care and write appropriate work restrictions.

Steve Wiesner, MD

Medical Advisor and Consultant

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Daniel LeGoff, PhD, LP

Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor

Ascellus Behavioral Health

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Intended Audience

This activity is designed for physicians and other health care professionals who specialize in or have an interest in OEM.

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This webinar is a recording of a live webinar from August 21, 2021. 
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